I'm Watching You: London Riots. (above and right) 
A repoussé panel created to mark the London riots in 2011. 
Many images are taken from CCTV footage. 
Repoussé panel, nickel silver, 50cm x 30cm

The Travels of Sir John Mandeville (below and right)

A large repoussé panel celebrating the fantastical travels of the Medieval knight, Sir  John Mandeville. 
Nickel silver, 50cm x 30cm.

In Nineveh (below and right)
Repoussé panel, nickel silver, 55cm x 31cm

The images are inspired by the stone relief sculptures from the palace of Ashurbanipal. Patina and polish have been used to highlight the muscles, sinews and tendons of the lion. 



The English Civil War in Metal (left and below)
Repoussé panel, nickel silver, 50cm x 30cm

The images are inspired by period coins and medallions, used to spread political propaganda. There are busts of Cromwell and King Charles I, as well as the king on horseback riding into Oxford.

One of the more intriguing items is the rough token underneath the bust of Cromwell. It comes from Scarborough, which ran so short of money that silver plate was cut into rough chunks and stamped with the symbol of the town. 

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